Friday, September 2, 2011

Yes she is holding a butterfly.

I have been wanting to start a blog about a hobby that I share with a great friend of mine for a while now.

This hobby is 2 years old and through it I have a plethora of fantastic items, including the one imaged above. 

Sidewalk Booty:
The general Gist:  Trade found sidewalk treasures with a good friend.
My good friend and I have some rules that were never enforced, but rather just assumed.

So for instance, this item pictured above was traded with a pressed penny for a Wisconsin attraction.  This pressed penny I found outside my apartment building. 

From now on you will be seeing some fantastic items and their stories!


  1. love the concept of the project. sounds like a lot fun and can't wait to see more trades.

    question: are you trading with your friend? or with other folks on the street?

  2. So far with just one friend. But love the idea of trading with people on the street. I guess it would be hard to find items that can be found on the street along with traded with random people on the street. A challenge though!

  3. Interesting...almost like an ongoing exchange of stories.