Thursday, September 15, 2011

Museums are dry and static... Lets had some electricity.

Wednesday Heather and I quickly looked through the Art Institute to see if there are any ways to incorporate some high tech gadgets.  This was in response to a group project that was proposed to my Cyberpedagogy class, where AIC would like to have more participation from the visitors through the technology that they may have in their pockets (in other words, their smart phones).  They were hoping to find some way to allow the visitors to have a scavanger hunt of sorts.   This way the visit becomes more engaging, instead of just shuffeling along and looking at artwork that you can not touch. So Heather and I started to ramble off some cool ideas.  These ideas will be posted on my own website soon to come!!!

In other artsy news.  Tuesday I went and saw the Mark Bradford show.  His pieces were amazing and tasty!!!! His use of layering found images and posters and using the acrylic medium and sanding and carving away at it all was just thriling to see.  So here is a video from Art: 21.  This video doesn't give his artwork justice but it is a great video on him discussing his work and some theoretical stuff (the social theorists takers know what i'm talkin about!) Enjoy!

Mark Bradford and others on Art: 21 Paradox

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  1. I thought the Mark Bradford show was amazing as well, Josh. My favorite part of the work he's been doing is how he was engaging youth and community in the projects. Of course not all art needs to be community oriented, but when the projects connect and bring the focus to regular folks, the results can be just amazing.