Thursday, September 1, 2011

The first real one.

So this blog needs to get started!

I really don't know where to start... So I will close my eyes... Spin around several times... and point... Where ever my finger lands will end up being the start for this blog... So here I go...

... Now I'm dizzy and pointing at a lamp... Doesn't help.  So instead I'll just recap a little about myself for those who do not know me.  I had a huge paragraph earlier but I broke that down to some bullet points.

~  I am Josh, hello.
~  I'm currently 26 and living in the East Lakeview section of Chicago... and LOVE IT!
~  I have always been a Chi-boy, and always will be probably!
~  My smoke detector just beeped... Batteries don't last forever I guess.
~  I am a horrific speller!  And hate when people say "sound it out"!
~  Starting my first year as a Masters of Arts in Art Education (MAAE) student At The School of the    Art institute of Chicago (SAIC)... so I'm an MAAE at SAIC.
~ Live in an amazing apartment with my boyfriend.  But both of us are currently on our toes because we were just informed last month that this condo building has a rule about how many owners can rent their unit out.  After 2 years of living here we were never told about this rule till now... So now we are always wondering if we will be asked to move out by tomorrow! Its crazy!!!
                                           Here we are on the roof... Behind us is Belmont Harbor.

~  More information to come. But as of now this will do.

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