Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Prezified myself.

Here is the prezi presentation that I created for my cyperdedagogy class.

Josh's Prezi Prezitation  

Some things I forgot to mention while presenting the slide show:

The art work in the background are detailed images from my senior art show at NIU.  The pieces are based on my interest of time and how we travel through it.  For instance how we daydream, fret, and utilize time.   The slide titled Corn fields includes at detail of one of my favorite pieces.  This piece viewed here really reflects how I feel I travel through time.  Where most people don't focus on time and rather religion, I focus on time as a religion.  I'm unsure of a lot of things, except for time.  So why not warship time... Here is a better image of the piece. 

As I mentioned during my presentation, I have really tried to remain as an artist as I persue my education career.  So please feel free to visit my facebook page on my working studio.  I started it over the summer and already as school starts I've had to slow down on it again, but I am still working on making sure that I touch my art at least once a day!  :)

Window Studio

You'll need to be a facebooker to view it... And if you have a book face then please like my page and become my friend! :)

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