Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Professor, A milk man, a Roni, and some links for them all.

I was in a movie! or will be... well its not a movie... More like a short film (12 minutes to be exact).  So if you were around me around September 12th, you may have realized that I was way exhausted! Well that was because I was on call for the movie Monday and Tuesday night... And I mean all night! Both days I didn't leave the set till 6 in the morning! 

So some info about the film.  The title is "Your Milk Man".  It was written and directed by a real good friend of mine, Dan Skubal.  He works for a small (but very well known) film company here in Chicago called, Zacuto.  So Dan wrote a very short but sweet story set in the 1950's (or at least i think thats when it was... it may be the 60's).  The story follows a milk man and a lovely house wife.  As these two sit in a diner, their affair starts to snowball into a last second decision.  The film then unravels and ends when the milk man is confronted by the husband.  I won't tell more since I will most likely be posting the film or will show it at some point... or make everyone go see it.  OH... since you are probably wondering... I was not the milk man... but a professor.  I was an extra in the film.  But I did have a kinetic acting role (haha that sounds official right?).  My role require me to grade papers through out the film, and then during one moment I had to react to the milk man at one point.  Since my position on the set was pretty centered, I had to be in every shoot... So you will see me through out the film... haha. 

But anyways, what I really wanted to stress was that if you have never been an actor or an extra for a film, you must!  I had a blast (mostly because all my friends were involved with the film).  But I realized how much work and people go into a film... I mean two entire nights and about a team of 50 for a 12 minute film! 

Here is the link for the film.

Oh and the illustrations for the posters and stuff were done by my BEST friend Roni LaPage.  Here is a link for her work!!! I know you'll love it :)

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  1. i hope they got you proper period professor carb, josh. :)

    looking forward to seeing the film.