Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I need more feed back for a possible thesis idea... also Social Theory final


Somehow i ended up really liking this idea of trust in schools.  What I would like from everyone if you can is your own experience with trust in schools.  This can either be trust you felt from the schools you have been involved with, or it can be your experience with not being trusted (if you feel comfy telling me about it.)  I feel that I need more actual first hand experiences under my belt in understanding the idea of trust and its many facets.  Thanks if you can! 


  1. i've had a couple trust issues working as a teacher. in almost every environment i've taught in i've felt VERY unsupported by the administration and staff in regards to how students treat me based on my appearance and the fact that the students obviously know that i'm lgbtq. it's swept under the rug - i felt like i was not a part of a team, not an adult, not accepted, etc. it was very demeaning - almost as much as what caused the situation.

  2. i'm interested in how you define trust first, josh. i think it's important to be clear as to whether it's a one or two way thing, or thinking about the levels of trust. maybe that's what asking for these conversations will help you sort out. have you considered posting to some of the teacher sites you've come across in the group project?

    as for personal experience, i've had mixed feelings. times when it felt like a school just handed things over to me and said go (which you can view as either total trust or complete apathy on the school's part) and times when it felt like every move was scrutinized. i think it's a culture that the school develops that really influences this.