Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Comparing and Contrasting Museums

When I said I wanted to become more involved with a museum, i didn't realize that I would I have put myself smack dab in the middle of two completely different museum settings.

On one side I have the very guarded and elite art museum... and then on the other I have the children's museum who has their own structure, but it is so much more fluid (and I would have to say more energetic).

Of course I can not ignore the fact that the there is a huge difference in who attends the museum which will completely alter the overall environment or structure of the museum.

So lets imagine what could happen if we place visitors from the Children's Museum (including the parents/guardians) and had them visit the Art Institute.  And at the same time had everyone that visited the Art institute go to the Children's museum.  What will happen?  We can make some obvious assumptions... possibly.  And actually I think maybe I'll open my comment box and ask what you think would happen.  I am aware that some of you have not visited the Children's Museum, but really its not that hard to imagine what the children's museum is like.

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