Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Here is a prezi....yay!

Here is my prezi i made for Ethics.  It introduces my interest in how trust is used in schools.



  1. How do you think you can influence the classroom to being trusting and/or inclusive?

  2. In the interview that is mentioned in the prezi, but not explained, I discuss how a better connection with the home-life of a child benefits the educating experience. Ellen Breeden (an educator in Evanston who I interviewed) mentions that because she knows a fair amount about her student's home-life (more so than the average teacher can say), she can make small, yet crucial changes in how she trusts her students and her own trust with the students.

    So like anything, i believe that starting small would be the best bet.

    Also, sadly to say, teachers are ending up to be a secondary parental figure to students. Not to saying that the teacher will employ parental influence on the child but instead, a parental understanding that is as comparable to how parents understand their children is most benificial in learning. I wonder however if there then becomes a bias in what is taught. Not being a parent i don't know this. When we think about it, the best teacher is one that loves the student in a way to make sure that he or she learns all that is possible with out the overprotected aspects of a mommy or daddy.

    With the lack of desire and enforcement on educators to know anything about their students home-life, there will be very little progress in the trust department. And actually, I take back half of the previous sentence. I can't say that all educations wish they didn't know more about their students but rather the education system that they are in now does not allow them to do so.

    There is an unfortunate retaliation that is possible though from the student's side. And i have seen this from many students before, where they shut down because they are realizing that a teacher, who they do not trust, is trying to be more involved with their lives. This makes me realize how powerful the discipline based/industrious way of education has really become instinctive almost.